As the hunt for life and survival of life on space is growing there are many missions launched to find life on moon and planets nearby earth . Especially the search for GREEN MAN with a triangular face , two round eyes and antenna has led to many search missions.


While we humans are finding the way to survive on moon, somebody already beat us to do so.

TARIGRADES ! Yes they won the race to survive on moon. They are also known as water bears which are resilient eight legged and segmented.


Tardigrades can survive extreme of temperature and pressure, including the frigid vacuum of spaces. They can survive even when dehydrated upto 100

HOW THEY CAME to MOON they were passengers on Israeli Space IL organization which was crashed on 11th April 2019.

Whether they will be able to survive on moon or even maybe on mars are going to be studied in future . But the presence can led to the grow of this tardigrades .

But the truth is contamination and pollution on outer space is increasing


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